$200 Dollars Gets You …

by Stephen Jones

An ivy leaf from Wrigley Field

It must be like a fine wine,
vintage 2016

And that doesn’t include S&H,
which is $15 per leaf And
there’s a limit: 10 leaves/customer

Why so few–
is there a shortage?
Or is it concern–
that too many leaves
makes a bouquet?

Nonetheless, it is a leaf

and not some dirt,
like the Yankees sold one time
That’s right–it was dirt,
just plain dirt

At least the leaf grew–and
flourished–just like the team.


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$200 Dollars Gets You …: 1 Comment

  1. Jay Kenny wrote,

    I’d be willing to bet that someone on this planet might even be willing to buy an empty container of air if they were convinced that it had been exhaled by Babe Ruth.

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