3 Detroit Tiger Haikus

by Gary Gillette

Detroit Tigers Haiku No. 1

Legless catchers spawn
Famously angry peaches.
Hay market/Hey, Michigan!

Detroit Tigers Haiku No. 2

Wahoo Sam divides
Matty Mac from Cobb the Peach.
The loon shrieks “Ee-yah.”

Detroit Tigers Haiku No. 3

Hank’s Hebrew hammer
Batters crystal hatred…knocked
To green fields beyond.

Posted 4/25/08

Published in Detroit Tigers, Haiku, History, Players | Link to this poem | 1 Comment

3 Detroit Tiger Haikus: 1 Comment

  1. Poetry News For April 28, 2008 | Poetry Hut Blog wrote,

    […] Detroit Tiger Haikus […]

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