by Stephen Jones

There’ve been discussions all this week.
Surprise! The owners want to tweak.
The object of their discussion?
The American League custom—
The DH, aged  forty-two.
Now they want to make it true—
Thinking, of course, of revenue—
In the National League purview.

Clearly, envy of the NFL—
Where points and cash are scored pell-mell—
Is coloring this discussion.
Hopefully, this “alteration”
Of baseball’s unique separation
Will merit no consideration.


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42: 3 Comments

  1. Jay Kenny wrote,

    Agreed! I actually like it that one league has the DH and the other doesn’t. But I won’t boycott baseball if the NL DOES decide to adopt it. I draw the line at aluminum bats! THAT is a big fat NO! Why invite concussions or even a death on the mound?

  2. Bob D. wrote,

    Agreed. Like the game as it is-in the National Leauge that is! Well said Stephen.

  3. Stu Shea wrote,

    We can hope.

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