A Challenge for Poets

by Stuart Shea

What the heck rhymes with Kyle Schwarber?

Well, ’60s jazzer Alan Lorber,
And that dancing Greek named Zorber,
And folk singer Steve Forber(t),
And . . .
And . . .

I’m at the bottom of the pail,
And I don’t want him to fail . . .
But his name is odd, I fear,
So he may not have many poems here.


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A Challenge for Poets: 1 Comment

  1. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    Two for Jim Schwarber
    The Village Elliott: 7/15


    Grizzled vets oft’ teach rookies this fact:
    “Those who helped you get here, pay them back”;
    So young Cub, Jim Schwarber,
    Told Mom he’d absorb her
    Debts when he signs his next big contract.


    While getting his haircut, the barber
    Asked Schwarber, “Your name rhyme with ‘arbor’?”:
    Jim said, “Spelled like it does,
    But it’s ‘or-ber’ because,
    They misspelled ‘Schwarber’ at the harbor.”

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