A Mets Fan’s Lament

by Ron Kaplan

Reyes gone.
Life goes on.
New woes take
time to bake.
Now Johan
can’t pitch/can?
Either way,
sad to say,
fans don’t care,
won’t be there.
where Mets yield.”
Money’s tight
wallet’s light.
Can’t pay loans,
Wilpon phones
just to see
if they can
find a plan.
Get some jocks
with high socks,
shirts tucked in
after win.
Will Dave Wright
now take flight?
Song of swan,
“Reyes gone.”

Ron Kaplan is the head honcho at the excellent blog, Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf, which is about baseball but not strictly about books.

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A Mets Fan’s Lament: 1 Comment

  1. Throwback Thursday (aka, massive links dump, continued) wrote,

    […] to the site happens to be a poem I wrote in 2012 when the Mets traded away Jose Reyes. It seems relevant again now that the Toronto Blue Jays recently did the same. Really don’t know anything about […]

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