A New Legacy I Could Believe In

by Sid Yiddish

Legend has it, that in Chicago there are two winning baseball teams.


I’d like to believe that one, although the die-hard fans would argue this point for days, weeks, months and years, but I just don’t have time to listen to all the ups & downs, the theories, the conspiracies and all those “what ifs.”

What if the Cubs won the World Series?
What if the White Sox won another World Series within three years?
What if baseball fans in this town rooted for another team altogether and just gave up on the Cubs and White Sox?

What if by some miraculous circumstance, the Cubs and White Sox found some leadership, corralled all of their players together, organized a mentoring program for those of them, not in-the-know and brought them into the fold of knowing and understanding what the game of baseball in Chicago means to fans like me?

Now, that’s a new legacy I could believe in.

Published 7/15/09

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A New Legacy I Could Believe In: 1 Comment

  1. mitchco wrote,

    Are you talking… SOCIALISM??? …. perish the thought! The Cubbies lose every year , cause the owners just figure , ” We got the fans by the balls anyway , let’s just give ’em another reason to keep coming back every year” , and , of course , Cub fans , being primarily idiot sheep , just keep coming back. You notice if the cubs have a particularly good year , they always fold up in the playoffs. Coincidence? I think it’s by design. I mean , if they’re that good all year , why do they play so badly during the playoffs , not once , but every time?

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