A Point of Comparison

By Stuart Shea

How bad were the White Sox?
Three games worse than the Cubs.

The Cubs,
Who played like shubdubs,
Like scrubs,
Like Triple-A subs,
Who made each day a gallery of flubs,
Those ridiculous bubs,
Who gave their fans the nubs,
Who drove those fans to local pubs,
To drown their sorrows in bad beer from huge tubs
And eat greasy deep-fried grub
That hardens their arteries like cigarette stubs
And makes them all fat.

The Sox were worse than that.


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A Point of Comparison: 2 Comments

  1. Todd Herges wrote,


  2. Juan wrote,

    Parity can also result when the top teams aren’t rlaley that good. See the NFL as a reference. I could just imagine Jim Boeheim saying we just barely beat Seton Hall, we must be rlaley be lousy this year. For those who hail last year as the league’s best, go check out 1985 and that was only the zenith of several years that may have topped last year.

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