A Retrospective: The Wind-Up, and Watch

by Bruce Daniels

Baseball’s Hall of Fame hails a time-honored game,
That cannot be settled by clock.
Inning after inning, no team is winning,
I’d opt not to buy tickets or stock.

If one is so clever, a game can last forever,
A tie score all knotted at zip.
Ruth started the line-up, need new hitters to sign up,
Like Bonds who can make a round trip.

But we may never survive to see a line drive,
For me the game just drives me bonkers.
Be it Brooklyn or Yanks, if you ask me, “No thanks!”
The Bronx just bombed out, on to Yonkers!

This time-worn tradition should be sent to perdition,
The outcome has outlasted my strength.
Would there be sudden death? Please don’t hold your breath,
This game of ages is just so by its length!

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A Retrospective: The Wind-Up, and Watch: 1 Comment

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    I don’t want to mess with history
    Time & recollection too
    When it seems everything now
    Is “What’ve you done for me lately”

    Other sports based on immediacy
    & lack of memory may flash & glow
    But nightly highlights do show
    That baseball’s history

    Is outside/inside time & moment
    & continues to amaze just by comment

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