A-Rod & the Yankees

by Stephen Jones

Sure he has Hall-of-Fame numbers, but now
he is baseball’s highest-paid albatross.

He’s swinging on “Empty,” a total loss
this Yankee post-season – more able to do

interviews at any length, all the time
a zero at home plate. But is he phased

by this at all? He – and his contract – say No.
Tabloid dailies, quickly discarded, chime

back page, with inky banners:
A-Rod should be “A-Goner.”

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A-Rod & the Yankees: 1 Comment

  1. Jay Kenny wrote,

    Well, disappointed as I am by the Yankees’ poor ALCS performance, I don’t really want to make A-Rod the scapegoat (who by the way, may not have been “fazed” by his weak hitting, but who may be going through a “phase” that is a prelude to retirement.) since it appears as if the Yanks as a team did not hit very well. No disgrace when you are facing Justin Verlander, but the rest of the Tigers’ staff is not THAT great—except maybe for those four games.

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