An Otis Redding Sighting at AT&T Park

by Todd Herges

Sitting in the afternoon sun
He’ll be sitting when the 9th inning come
Watching the runs come in
And then he’ll watch Uribe run ’round again, yeah

Freddy’s sittin’ on a fastball from Lee
Watch the ball fly over first toward Vlady
Ooh, Huff’s just sittin’ on a fastball from Lee
Wastin’ time

Buster left his home in Georgia
Headed for the ‘Frisco bay
‘Cause he has a lot to live for
And looks like nothing’s gonna get in his way

So he’s also sittin’ on a fastball from Lee
Watching the ball fly to the power alley
Ooh, Burrell’s standing on deck in AT&T
Not wastin’ time

Looks like something’s gonna change
Not everything remains the same
Fans can cheer what nine players plus Brian do
So I guess they’ll keep up the cheering, yes.

Sittin’ there resting their bones
But with all those friends nobody’s alone
Forty thousand fans are honed
and will make this Park their home.

Now they’re all sitting by the dock of the bay
watching the season roll away
Ooh, with Otis sitting on the dock of the bay
Not wastin’ time.

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