At Long Last, Hu

by Jim Siergey

Bud Abbott befuddled poor Lou
With bit about first baseman Who.
.       What once was absurd
.       Today has occurred
“Hey, Abbott! On first base is Hu!”


For the picture that Abbott & Costello never lived to see, as well as a great modern retelling of their classic routine, check out this post by PeteyHendrix at Red Reporter.


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At Long Last, Hu: 3 Comments

  1. Hilary Barta wrote,

    Once on base, then a new target beckoned.
    From his face, they all knew what he reckoned.
    But he flew to the bag
    And eluded the tag
    It’s amazing, but Hu was on second.

  2. norm knott wrote,


  3. michael x ferraro wrote,

    to paraphrase Mel Allen: “Who about that!”

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