Barry Bonds’ Last Chance

by Liam Garner (aged 12)

Barry L. Bonds was the home run best
‘Til someone showed up with a sweet little test
By the FDA, the steroid test latest
That proved that the reason he was the greatest
Was a drug dose that let him cream the gamers,
So the only way he will break in with the ‘Famers
Is if he sneaks in, breaks a door with his arms
And sneaks out with some loot under all the alarms.

Posted 9/19/07 

Published in Lyric, San Francisco Giants, Scandals | Link to this poem | 3 Comments

Barry Bonds’ Last Chance: 3 Comments

  1. Jim wrote,

    What a great poem! Congratulations Liam!

  2. Frank wrote,

    Liam should sent this poem to SI.
    Great Liam

  3. Dave wrote,

    I love the way he plays with words!

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