Base, Bat & Beyond…

by Michael X. Ferraro

I am the sack who transformed a chopper
Into a double for Angel Pagan.

I’m Pence’s bat, since tossed in the hopper,
Labelled by Cards fans as a “tragic” wand.

What will be our inanimate topper?
It’s the stuff of Tom Robbins … and beyond.


Michael X. Ferraro is the author of Tased & Amused: The Shocking Poetic Recap of the 2010 Baseball Season, available on Amazon.

Published in Detroit Tigers, Pure doggerel, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, The Game Itself | Link to this poem | 3 Comments

Base, Bat & Beyond…: 3 Comments

  1. stu wrote,

    That’s excellent. I like it a lot.

  2. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    thanks Stu!

  3. Stephen Jones wrote,


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