Baseball Heaven

by Todd Herges

In baseball heaven the diamond is alive
with color and sounds and souls.

In baseball heaven people from all corners
of this round earth attend the services together.

In baseball heaven the grass is emerald green
and always perfectly trimmed.

(The joyful Africans swim across its softness.)

In baseball heaven the mound and base paths and batters boxes
are always firm and brown, adorned with bright white shapes.

In baseball heaven the umpires and coaches are dialed in,
ready to make each call well.

In baseball heaven the locusts add to the peaceful buzz of August excitement.

In baseball heaven the bunting hangs from under the grandstand roof
in two dozen arcs of red, white, and blue.

In baseball heaven the tall sturdy pole supports a hundred pounds of Old Glory
as it powerfully flutters over the proceedings slowly.

In baseball heaven the fans cheer every great effort
made by any team’s player.

In baseball heaven character and courage and loyalty are on clear display.

In baseball heaven even the anthem celebrates the courageous players …
ending with “the brave play ball.”

In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the fans all gaze upon a field of perfection …
and so does God, and He smiles.

Todd’s youngest son recently competed at the Little League World Series in Williamsport on the Nebraska championship team.

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Baseball Heaven: 1 Comment

  1. Ember Nickel wrote,

    Nice twist in the second-to-last couplet. So glad you enjoyed!

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