Baseball Quickened?

by Philip Pecorino

Baseball’s “Pace of Game” committee
wants to make it more speedy.
But, in an effort to quicken the paces
what may be lost of the game’s subtle graces?

Baseball was once the game
that made the claim
it had no clock.
But, now it seems
there are several schemes
to attend to the tick-tock.

To appease the fans,
mostly not in the stands,
with ever shorter attention spans
there are several initiatives
by baseball executives
to pick up the pace:
one by keeping batters in their place
another still to consider
would discourage pitchers who dither.

Where will it end
to get fans to attend?
Perhaps, better baseball education
leads to better attention.


Philip Pecorino is a Professor of Philosophy in CUNY and SUNY systems and has published several articles in philosophical publications, humanities publications and elsewhere. He is into baseball in a metaphysical way with poems on baseball ontology.


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Baseball Quickened?: 3 Comments

  1. Mako Nikaidoh wrote,

    Hear, hear.

  2. Stephen Jones wrote,

    The genes of baseball . . .
    One wonders:
    Is engineering required?
    Is it really necessary?

    I agree:
    Education is the legacy
    Which should define
    Baseball’s unique place
    In history,
    Not the analytics of
    An umpire named Nielsen.

    Amen to Professor Pecorino’s thoughts.

  3. mxferraro wrote,

    We must NOT discourage the ditherers.

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