Baseball Rhyme Time

by Eddie Gold

Rod Carew, Vida Blue, and Big Klu
Connie Mack, Stan Hack, Max Flack
Guy Bush, Emil Kush, Heinie Manush
Joe Rudi, Lyle Judy, and Howdy Doody
Ty Cobb, Scotty Robb, Rusty Staub
Rip Sewell, Bob Buhl, Joe Kuhel
Hank Bauer, Vic Power, Hank Sauer
Tris Speaker, Roy Meeker, and a streaker
Lyn Lary, Charlie Berry, Gaylord Perry
Jimmy Foxx, Johnny Knox, Billy Cox
Bill Terry, Max Carey, Larry Sherry
Mel Ott, Dick Drott, and I forgot
Tommy Tucker, Earl Brucker, Johnny Rucker
George Case, ElRoy Face, Hal Chase
Ernie Koy, Dummy Hoy, and Nap Lajoie
(Or is it La-sho-aye) and Bordagaray
Gene Dale, Larry McPhail, Bad News Hale
Ray Narleski, Hank Majeski, Johnny Pesky
Bucky Harris, Dave Ferris, Roger Maris
Dick Sharon, Henry Aaron, and Red Barron
Boccabella, Campanella, and Dan Gardella
Ferris Fain, Sugar Cain, Johnny Sain
Alvin Dark, Fred Clarke, Dolly Stark
Poffenberger, Raffensberger, Wally Berger
Pete Rose, Billy Loes, Mike de la Hoz
Boots Day, Carlos Nay, Pete Gray
Herman Franks, Howard Shanks, Ernie Banks
Bunny Brief, George Strief, and good grief
Lou Brock, Wes Stock, and Ray Kroc
Buddy Myer, Eddie Dyer, Jim McGuire
Wally Post, Lou Tost, Eddie Yost
Gus Bell, George Kell, and William Tell
Ford Frick, Sammy Vick, Elmer Flick
Dick Rail, Gabe Paul, Chick Stahl
Bobby Doerr, Ernie Shore, Herb Score
Alex the Great, Bennie Tate, and Watergate
Dizzy Dean, Dick Green, Harvey Kuenn
George Dauss, Les Moss, and Buck Ross
Don Baylor, Rollie Naylor, Dummy Taylor
Henry Sage, Satchel Paige, and old age
Tom Seaver, Buck Weaver, Sam Leever
Walter Johnson, Stan Bahnsen, Evar Swanson
Ralph Garr, Jim Barr, Ray Starr
Billy Sunday, Rick Monday, and Tuesday Weld
Bobby Tolan, Gary Nolan, Cozy Dolan
Norm Cash, Billy Nash, Herb Hash
Harry Brecheen, Frank Gustine, Claude Osteen
Joe Lutz, Clyde Kluttz, and aw nuts
Billy Southworth, Jimmy Bloodworth, Jim Duckworth
Bob Feller, Hod Eller, King Kong Keller
Frank Hayes, Willie Mays, and Van Robays
Dom DiMaggio, Vince DiMaggio, and the other one
Mordecai Brown, Turk Lown, Clyde Shoun
Bill Veeck, Dave Schneck, Boom Boom Beck
Boog Powell, Dixie Howell, Bama Rowell
Branch Rickey, Bill Dickey, and Mantle Mickey
George Halas, Pat Corrales, Jerry Morales
Hank Schenz, Joe Benz, Jewell Ens
Cot Deal, Bob Veale, Greasy Neale
Duke Snider, Rollie Zeider, and apple cider
Wally Pipp, Ewell the Whip, Leo the Lip
Tony Piet, George Myatt, Whitlow Wyatt
Jake Atz, Natt Batts, Jigger Statz
Vinegar Bend, and this is the End!


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