Bob Dylan’s 2017 Forecast: “With God on Cards’ Side”

“The Gas House Gang” charged,
Detroit Tigers fell;
“New Gas House Gang” charged,
Champs with “El Birdie’s” pride,
Until Lolich pitched payback
With God on his side.

“Whitey Ball” ruled the ’80s,
Defense revived Cards team.
Herr, Willie and Ozzie
Revived Cards fans’ dream,
Though they play three Game Sevens,
In last two, fan’s dream died,
Just first when played the Brewers
Had God on our side.

I remember the season
New juiced ball was alive,
McGwire and Sosa
The game they’d revive.
Big Mac broke the record,
Cards fans beamed with great pride.
Now fans ask if McGwire
Had God on his side.

Recently Cards had Pujols,
“El Hombre’s” new “Man,”
Won two more World Series
Cheered by this fan,
But Albert is gone now
Since Cards’ gonfalons dried,
Yet no doubt this old fan still
Has God on his side.

Half my life West Coast exile,
Candlestick was the place
I saw many a ballgame,
Though Jints ne’er embraced.
First 10 years when Cards play here
At each game, root with pride,
For my Cards, not the Giants,
Had God on their side.

Since the Jints hired Bochy,
Things have not been the same,
Though still fan of the Cardinals,
Now more “Fan of the Game.”
Root for Craw, Buster, Mad Bum,
Three Jints’ titles with pride,
I knew new Giants, too, now
Have God on their side.

Twice Cards played Jints for pennant,
Asked which team do I choose,
Said, “I root for good ballgames–
Either wins, I can’t lose.”
With my friends here on West Coast,
Watched league playoffs with pride,
This “Old Fan of the Game”
With God on my side

For five years Cards or Giants
Played World Series each year.
Only one lost by Redbirds,
Four of five end in cheer.
Root for team where I’s born,
Team where now I reside,
Know both teams that I root for
Have God on their side.

After 66 seasons
I’m weary as hell,
Still root for “Team’s Laundry,”
Will they win? Time will tell.
At season’s end we will know
If my team wins one more.
If they do, I will act like
I have been there before.


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