Brewer Sweep

by Doug Fahrendorff

Three straight wins
Over the Pirates
Nice start to
Seasons 2nd half
Improvement obvious
Pulling some fans
From midseason languor
Team still far
From playoff contention
Questions abound
If  Brewers are sellers
At the deadline
Will  Gomez, Segura
Parra or Lind
Be playing elsewhere next month?
And who will remain
To form the nucleus
Of next year’s team?

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Brewer Sweep: 2 Comments

  1. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    Best use of “Languor” in a poem since D-Day. Inspired me to write:

    Milwaukee Maccabee
    The Village Elliott: 7/15

    As mitzvah, rooted for Ryan Braun,
    Though I don’t root for Brewers he on;
    Since Greenberg and Koufax
    M.O.T.s face these facts: (1)
    Must root for Maccabeans with brawn.

    Though he lied leading supporters on,
    “Made Jews look bad,” should I root for Braun, (2)
    Unlike Aaron Rodgers,
    or Black fans of Dodgers
    Learning Jackie was Branch Rickey’s pawn?


    1) M.O.T.: Member of the Tribe: Euphemism Jews use to describe a fellow Jew being a member of one of the Twelve/Two(?) Tribes of Israel.

    2) Like Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo, my family believed unacceptable behavior by any M.O.T. reflected badly on the entire Twelve/Two(?) Tribes, thus “Bad for the Jews.”

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    As summer lazes on,
    The topic for talkers:
    Which is Wisconsin’s bigger disaster,
    The Brewers, the Bucks or Scott Walker?

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