Broadway League

by Tony Puma

Playing Softball in Central Park
with chorus dancers traipsing
around bases and pirouetting
to snag fly-balls and I in
tight gold and green MGM
Lions uniform, as-twinky-as
could be, enjoying the sights,
sounds, and après drinks
and egos and all that comes
with thespians and Broadway
“types” in Baseball costumes.
Strawberry Fields memoir.

Welcome Tony Puma to his first at-bat with Bardball. You can read more of his poetry at his website.


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Broadway League: 3 Comments

  1. Edmund Conti wrote,

    Small world. I was once a South Mountain Poet and hey, I used to be an Italian-American poet.

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Let’s not get all tribal here. That’s not what our forefathers fought for.

  3. Tony Puma wrote,

    Yes, the only tribes here are the Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves.

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