By The Book

by Sid Yiddish


Lies that he told,
When he was 18 years old or perhaps it was 17.

“I’d say that was accurate,” Alex Rodriguez told ESPN, when admitting he took steroids.

“No, I didn’t take steroids,” Alex Rodriguez told CBS.

So which answer is it, yes or no?
Is it one or the other, which one can it be?

Say it ain’t so, amigo!

Yet, the Alex Rodriguez version of the word accurate, doesn’t quite feel the same, when it comes to taking the real blame.

Do you think it will really overtly affect his game?

Why not ask his best girl, Madonna
The musical barometer of misconstrued fame, she knows through the public eye, that telling lies doesn’t matter, just as long as the fans don’t notice the old switcheroo, while his handlers silently whitewash the bad in favor of accurately keeping what’s left of his good name.


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Posted 5/8/09

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  1. Jasmine wrote,

    the complaints about the team were owovblern. Just look at the fill-ins for the players who left to FA or got hurt:Granderson: Wells, SorianoSwisher: IchiroARod: Youkilis, Nix, AdamsJeter: Cruz, Brignac, Ryan, NunezTeixeira: Overbay, ReynoldsMartin: Cervelli, Stewart, RomineMostly scrap heapers, very few call-ups, and no call-ups who made a positive impact.When almost every position player needs to be replaced, and you don’t have a single decent minor league replacement available, you have a terrible minor league system. That’s the main problem here. The secondary problem is wasting money on bad bets like Youkilis and Wells. 0 1

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