Cardinals: Don’t Hate Us Cuz We Win

by Alan P. Rudy

A Cubs fan laments of Cardinal success,
In the face of Philly’s utter Yankee-ness,
And Arizona’s owner’s militant anti-immigrant mess,
Of Milwaukee’s ties to the Commish’s anti-player caress…
Fans of cursed fate are sad to witness.

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Cardinals: Don’t Hate Us Cuz We Win: 7 Comments

  1. Alan Rudy wrote,

    on reflection… should have ended the first line in elipses and the next three in question marks. my intent mighta woulda been more clear. who knows.

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Do NOT open that can of worms, pls

  3. Hilary Barta wrote,

    Don’t open that old can o’ worms
    I’m told they are loaded with germs
    Don’t dither, move on,
    to hither and yon,
    and go with your grammar and terms.

  4. George Bowering wrote,

    If you want to stay clear out of harm
    Don’t measure the first-baseman’s arm
    It looks like his coach
    Has defined his approach
    And us fans are all filled with alarm

  5. Alan Rudy wrote,

    I swear, I have no can opener… 😉

  6. Ember Nickel wrote,

    We’ve had several months to deride
    And many a sigh has been sighed.
    (self-censored because it’s no longer kosher
    but trust me, the rhyme was really good)
    And smile in divisional pride.

  7. Stu wrote,

    are worms in cans kosher?

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