Carl Crawford: The Poem

by Hart Seely

Carl Crawford, Tampa Ray,
Hit for power, raised the bar,
Stole the bases, then one day,
Took a lead one step too far.

Carl Crawford, playing hard,
His whole career, one great move up,
Flashing leather! Going yard!
And never tethered by a cup.

Carl Crawford,Tampa’s prince,
Three time all-star, no one’s fool.
Made this planet watch and wince.
A man with nuts, ground into gruel.

Carl Crawford, baseball great,
Stealing bases, climbing walls!
But when he steps up to the plate,
Here is the count: One strike, no balls.

Hart Seely runs the Yankee blog, It is High, It is Far, It is….Caught, and never fails to laugh at a good nad shot.

Posted 7/25/10

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