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Bride of All-Star Clerihews

Wilson Ramos
Has become famos
As catcher for the Nats–
Must be the way that he squats.

Francisco Lindor
Likes to golf indoors.
As dangerous as his home gets,
His kids have learned to wear helmets.

Michael Saunders
When his mind meanders
Imagines himself in toque, cape and shorts
Savior of the Great White North.

Matt Wieters
Is such a fussy eater
On every dinner date
He asks an ump to brush his plate.


Fair Ball Lined into His Nuts

by Stuart Shea

The bigger they are, the more they hurt…
So Juan Uribe got a just dessert
With a liner in the groin.
And that’s not a roll of coins,
And he’s NOT happy to see you.


From GQ: Juan Uribe Has a Very Good Excuse for Not Wearing a Cup

Cleveland Byrd Pecked PEDs . . . Says MLB

By Stephen Jones

Marlon Byrd’s wings clipped
Now he’s grounded for a year
MLB warned him


When Spring Really Arrives

by Susan Petrone

On every tree, the branches bare
No leaves, no green, no life shows there.
Every building in my sad town
Wears a snowy, slushy crown.

I know beneath the snow and cold
The earth lies dormant, patient, bold.
How I long for Spring’s arrival
and a spiritual revival.

Few sights can make you feel so grand
As the first flower to make a stand.
Nor are there words that sound so sweet
as “pitchers and catchers report this week.”


This poem originally appeared on Susan’s Indians website, It’s Pronounced Lajaway

R.I.P. Walt Williams

by Jim Siergey

He was a six-foot man
In a five-six frame
His unusual physique
Was his nickname

He hustled and he hit
And he ran like heck
An eternal fan favorite
Was little “No Neck.”


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