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When Spring Really Arrives

by Susan Petrone

On every tree, the branches bare
No leaves, no green, no life shows there.
Every building in my sad town
Wears a snowy, slushy crown.

I know beneath the snow and cold
The earth lies dormant, patient, bold.
How I long for Spring’s arrival
and a spiritual revival.

Few sights can make you feel so grand
As the first flower to make a stand.
Nor are there words that sound so sweet
as “pitchers and catchers report this week.”


This poem originally appeared on Susan’s Indians website, It’s Pronounced Lajaway

R.I.P. Walt Williams

by Jim Siergey

He was a six-foot man
In a five-six frame
His unusual physique
Was his nickname

He hustled and he hit
And he ran like heck
An eternal fan favorite
Was little “No Neck.”


The Season is Over, a Sad Refrain

by Susan Petrone

The season is over, a sad refrain.
The calendar would not surrender one more day;
The Indians will not play the last game.

Cleveland done in by too much rain;
Too late to make up at home or away.
The season is over, a sad refrain.

The hopes and dreams of spring became
Autumn’s weary march astray.
The Indians will not play the last game.

Each off-season is the same,
No more dingers, no double plays.
The season is over, a sad refrain.

This season we have cause for blame.
Game 1-6-2 is meaningless, they say.
The Indians will not play the last game.

“It ain’t over till it’s over,” must we now disclaim?
The schedule says there’s one game left to play.
The season is over, a sad refrain.
The Indians will not play the last game.


This villanelle first appeared on Susan’s Indians blog, It’s Pronounced Lajaway.


The Title of This Poem About Last Night’s Cubs/Indians 17-0 Game is Longer Than the Poem Itself

By Stuart Shea

The Indians stunk out the joint,
and the Cubs converted the extra point.


Whoo Gosh, Those Twins!

by James Finn Garner

Criminy Jinkies!
What’s with those Twinkies?
Didn’t they get the memo
That this season’s just a demo?
That Molitor is too green
And the talent is too lean
To do any better than
Coming in an also-ran?
Now they’re making it a contest
Keeping the Tigers honest,
Nipping the heels of Kansas City
And making the Hose and Tribe look —
well, we don’t talk that way up here, mister.


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