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Junk Baller

by the Village Elliott

For Eddie Lopat, who pitched from 1944-55 with the White Sox, Yankees and Orioles.

Eddie Lopat threw junk that looked fat.
Hitters couldn’t wait to take their at bat,
But the pitch Eddie threw
Hitters always swung through,
‘Cause their bat ain’t where the ball was at.


Ever Linked

by the Village Elliott

Pitcher Milt Pappas claimed he was dissed.
“I belong in the Hall,” he’d insist,
“Just like Catfish, Big D–
If they’re in, why not me?”
His argument, voters still resist.

Some fans think the impact Pappas made
As much off-field as on when Milt played;
“Clubhouse lawyer,” some said,
Even now that he’s dead,
Ever linked to Frank Robinson trade.


Orioles Roll 7

by Stephen Jones

Preseason, they were rated least
In that infighting blender
Known as American League East.
But here’s a baseball up-ender:

Hey pundits — it’s 7 games in,
And all those Orioles do is win.


Without Nets

By Michael X. Ferraro

Mookie Betts
goes and gets
home run threats.


The Orioles Grounded

by Stephen Jones

Yankees win 8-6
A rookie Bird plucks the O’s
Baltimore flightless


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