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Could Headley Be a Brosius?

by John M.

Could Headley be a Brosius?
Could winter turn to Spring?
Could daffodils be binders
And earn us all a ring?

Could Refsyder be Sojo?
Is Judge another Mick?
Is Aaron just a hiccup
And Tanaka really sick?

Does Cashman like his Lasik?
Does Hal own kinky boots?
As long as we’re in first place,
Are all our questions moot?


Originally appeared in the Yankee blog, It is High, It is Far, It is . . . Caught.

Fractured Syntax: Now It’s Over, He’s Late

by The Village Elliott

For Yogi, who would have been 92 on 5/12/17

Today Yogi wouldn’t turn 92.
Early late, interred deep, bids adieu.
Buried late, folks would go,
“Now when over, he’ll show
‘Til it’s over once more, deja vu.”


Facts of Whiff

By Michael X. Ferraro

Poor “Country” Joe West seems to be in a daze–
He spent Sunday night punching 48 K’s.

Over 18 innings, the swings and misses
Multiplied at Wrigley like Kiss-Cam kisses.

Twenty-two Yankees and 26 more Cubs
Trudged back to their bench, dragging unsullied clubs.

For the home plate ump, ’twas a six-hour shift,
A front-row seat to see sluggers get whiffed.

Schwarber and Bryant and Rizzo and Russell,
Each fanned thrice apiece, with nary a tussle,

But there was one Yank who took more fruitless licks:
A Golden Sombrero went to Aaron Hicks.

Two separate relievers each struck out the side.
Were both line-ups allergic to the horsehide?

Fifteen different pitchers in all took the mound,
And each hurler’s heart was warmed by the sound

Of the man in blue bellowing “Steee-rike Three,”
Setting a new record for the MLB.


Yankees 5, Cubs 4

by Stephen Jones

48 strikeouts
18-inning marathon
Yankees outlast Cubs


Aaron Judge

by Stephen Jones

His robes are pinstripe
He makes rulings at home plate
All rise for the Judge


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