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When Astros Hurlers Fall to Earth

by James Finn Garner

Walt Harris
Called his therapist

Tony Sipp
Stared and pulled his lip

Luke Gregerson’s
Nervous rash worsened

And the team vowed to shake it off, man,
Before trying to steal Game 5 at Kaufmann.


Overheard Yankee Map Directions

by Stephen Jones

Young Colby Rasmus and the Astros —
They showed the baseball map future
When they used home run GPS
And directed Yankees to pasture.


The only trip down Broadway Yankee fans
Will see this year is one down Memory Lane.
Needless to say, this coming offseason,
There’s going to be much redirection.


Astros 15, Yankees 1

by Stephen Jones

In the beginning . . . of this baseball history,
Yankee Ivan Nova–he was not so super–
Got burned by Houston’s big bang theory.
Others followed–they couldn’t stop it either.

The Astros’ rain of runs, a meteor shower
Of them, had done in the old Pinstripers.


Allegation’s Disillusion

by the Village Elliott

Sat in Wrigley with Great Uncle Art,
Local White Sox fan from the team’s start.
Asked ’bout his Sox team Black,
He looked 50 years back,
I could feel dark angst still breaks his heart.

Allegations my childhood team raided
By hacking; legacy degraded.
Feel like fan of Black Sox,
Or Bill Belichick’s jocks.
Perhaps I’m just too f*cking jaded.

I don’t think it mere disillusion
Created by Cardinals’ collusion.
In game’s hacking scandal
The league might mishandle,
But fact of FBI’s inclusion.

Short Ode to Futility

By Bobby Wall

Woe be to the nation’s fourth largest town
Houstonians always wore frown
Same legacy to St Louis’ Browns
Took Lord Baltimore’s town to gain a crown

1870 started the Braves in Beantown
Save for a ’14 miracle, they always went down
Never a final game winner strode the mound
Took til Atlanta for a winner to be found


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