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Special Interest Fan

by Raphael Badagliacci

I like the Dodgers.
I like the Astros.
I like the winding,
Treacherous way
Every bit of every game
I root for certain earthly aspects
That give a glimpse of heaven:
My love seen through the upstairs windows
And yet another Game Seven.


Not Michael Jordan?

by Hilary Barta

Hitting blasts by the ton, bats were bended
But the Astros had won when it ended
The American League
Took good care of Yas Puig
And then sassed him with tongues all extended.


In the Lick of Time

by James Finn Garner

In LA balls were thrown and bats swung
Even good old Vin Scully seemed young
The game’s great again
So can someone explain
What the hell is the deal with the tongues?


Whiskers Like Wrigley

by Jim Siergey

This concept, though weird,
causes me trouble:
If a ball gets tossed in
Or merely lost in
Justin Turner’s beard,
Is it a ground rule double?


Rooting Vivisection

by Hilary Barta

Into fall to the very last minute,
Players all say they play it to win it
Then one troop gets the boot
So for whom does one root
Watching ballgames when home teams ain’t in it?


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