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Pittsburgh on a Platter

by Hilary Barta

For Pittsburgh, a Wild Card ordeal
More than a base Cubs’ pitching would steal
Bucs choked at the plate
Was it something they ate?
No, Jake had the team for a meal


The Passion of Sean Rodriguez

By James Finn Garner

You think all your dues’ve been paid
You’d love a post-season parade
But Jake Arrieta
Could not have been better —
What to do except punch Gator-Ade?


The Forecast for Hell

by Todd Herges

A cold front is forming
And may yet move in.
It depends on one question:
Will the Cubs win?


French Curve

by Jim Siergey

Jaunty Arrieta
Watch him put away

Watch him put away the Bucs
Like a bunch of sitting ducks
Put away! S’il vous plait!

Jaunty Arrieta
Put those Bucs away!

Wild Card

by Stephen Jones

One game.
Thereby a team hangs by a thread.

One game.
Win and move on. Lose . . . enuff said.


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