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Behind the Curve

by James Finn Garner

The Cubs had their fill
Of Rich Hill
Losing with every curve
Their nerve
Waving futile flutters
At his cutter
Trying “Not to Suck”
Without luck


The Cure for Clayton Kershaw

By Hilary Barta

Clayton Kershaw can throw with the best
And the hurler can go on short rest
But Cubs fans can chill
Next up is Rich Hill
So, courage! And don’t get depressed.


Just a Heads-Up

by James Finn Garner

When Kershaw pitches, why show up?
There’s better things to do — wise up!
Hang decorations from your stirrups
Take up pottery and throw a cup
Go to Tindr for quick hookups
Inventory your Dixie cups
Visit a shelter and adopt a pup
Invent a new, no-glute ketchup
Lip-synch “Build Me Up Buttercup”

But don’t take your at-bat. Just give up.


O Lucky Maddon!

by Hilary Barta

Pull Lester for Monty and Strop?
Joe Maddon should look like a dope
But Miggy’s grand slam
Hit him out of a jam
Stop giving the pen enough rope!


Washington’s 7th Inning Stretch (too far)

by Raphael Badagliacca

Here’s what I say
Crime doesn’t always pay
Harper stole a base
and Murphy’s hot bat
All in the same play

Durocher tells this story
How Mays hit a ball
High up off the wall
But stopped at first
And watched the ball fall
So McCovey who hit next
Could hit one over the wall


Raphael Badagliacca is the author of The Yogi Poems and Fathers Day.

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