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by Hilary Barta

The Giants play backs to the wall
In defiance, one man standing tall
He bats, fields and throws
Too bad he don’t close
Arrieta just can’t do it all.


Brought His Good Stuff

by The Village Elliott

End of the fourth inning: Arrieta 3 – Giants 0

AL claims, “Need a DH to hit
For the pitcher; it’s better they sit.”
But NL claims, “Nonsense!
Ninth part of team’s offense!
In the playoffs, Cubs’ hurlers prove it.”


Giants’ Savior

by the Village Elliott

With two losses where ivy’s on wall,
Giants back at home now must stand tall.
With Bumgarner to start,
Local rooters take heart
That Jints’ savior will answer the call.


Christmas Eve in October

by James Finn Garner

The drenching rains have parted
An autumn breeze comes in
Can they finish what they started?
Old doubts keep crawling in

But true joy reigns in Wrigleyville
The pre-game mood is bright
The halo ’round the Cubs there still
Undimmed til first pitch tonight.


Gonfalon Bubble

by the Village Elliott

Facing Mets, Jints southpaw with stubble
Again evoked Gotham’s Carl Hubbell.
Conor G’s three-run fly
Sent the Giants to Chi,
There to prick Cub’s gonfalon bubble.


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