Chris Heston’s Big Advantage

By Stuart Shea

Charlton’s got nothing on Christopher Heston–
There’s one big thing that the ballplayer’s best in!
Charlton parted the Red Sea, left the Pharaoh bitter,
But he never threw a no-hitter.


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Chris Heston’s Big Advantage: 2 Comments

  1. Joshua Roth wrote,


  2. Heo wrote,

    I love this! We must find our own God through life’s jofuyl moments. We must also be able to recognize these moments and be open to them in order to experience them fully. We know those moments when we feel them. It may be a walk through nature or laughing with children that give us that moment where our hearts swell and we lose ourselves in a moment of pure love. Seeking those moments is what it is to seek God. Continuing the logic seeking happiness is seeking God. And to believe wars are fought over religion.

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