Christmas – December 25, 2010

by Stephen Jones

“Attack of the snow”

And I do labor-

Intensive work against drifts

Against waves of white a whale
Piled against cars trees homes

But don’t call me Ahab

Call me “Claus, Santa Claus”

Shaken like a snow globe

. . . Or stirred
Like a frothy punch or nog

I hunt happiness

‘Thar she blows!

Snowballs icy stars snowflakes

A pod of dreams scattered
North South East West

Call me Claus

Happy Holidays and a championship New Year to all our readers at Bardball!

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Christmas – December 25, 2010: 2 Comments

  1. Tony Medeiros wrote,

    Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

  2. Angela wrote,

    It is her!I love this woman. I watched her tear up this fool the other day. Her Modern Standard Arabic is crtsayl clear by the way. Even an amateur speaker like me can understand her without translation. The other fellow sounds provincial and uneducated by comparison, frequently lapsing into slurred dialect only a native speaker could understand.She speaks like a terrorist speaks! In the same slow, precise, MSA cadences that, say, Quadaffi uses when he wants his words to be understood across the Mid East.Here’s to hoping she succeeds!

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