Congrats to the Carmines (World Series Game #6)

by James Finn Garner

Shane Victorino
Finally killed the Curse of the Bambino
As the Carmines won
The first clincher at home since World War I.

John Lackey
Led the pitchers pack. He
Revelled in his power,
With Uehara, Workman and Tazawa.

Jonny Gomes,
Stephen Drew and Mike Napoli
Came through in Game 6
After playing somewhat crappily.

And Big Papi
Was voted World Series MVP.
Let the cheers ring out near Boston Harbor!
And haul your butts to a good barber!


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Congrats to the Carmines (World Series Game #6): 1 Comment

  1. Luca wrote,

    I hope you and your family are back to wllneess soon! I am recovering from Bronchitis, and I’m sooooo tired of coughing. Being ill is definitely no fun, no matter what is causing the suffering.Great pics!

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