Derek Jeter: The Closing Poem

by Hart Seely

Gehrig wept and Mantle drank,
When their careers began to tank,
Andy got out just in time.
Not one outing past his prime.
Derek Jeter, love the guy.
Day he leaves, you bet I’ll cry.
But he came up just yesterday,
And hit another double-play.

Mussina won that final game,
We’ll always think of him the same.
Ted Williams, in his last at bat,
Hit one out, and that was that.
Derek Jeter, one great man,
Say he can’t, he’ll show he can.
But I can’t help but the hate the way
He hits into that double-play.

When “Farewell” came time to wave,
Babe Ruth toiled as a Boston Brave.
In those final days of life,
Reagan barely knew his wife.
The ravages of time, so cruel,
The smartest man becomes the fool;
In the end, great pitchers fall,
(Unless they throw a knuckleball.)

Derek Jeter, time has passed.
You gave us everything we asked.
We’ll buy your fragrance, wear your smell,
We’ll drive whatever car you sell.
We wish you one long happy ride,
And Minka Kelly at your side.
But, sir, I really have to say,
I can’t take one more double-play.

Hart Seely is the driving force behind the Yank blog, It is High, It is Far, It is….caught.

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Derek Jeter: The Closing Poem: 3 Comments

  1. Ember Nickel wrote,

    Great contrasts in the first two stanzas. Ruth really had it both ways!

  2. Stretch wrote,

    Yeah, it’d be a lot better if he were a fly ball hitter. Then there would be only one out when there’s a runner on first.

    But then … those hot shots that find an infield hole would be cans of corn, whether or not any bases were occupied; his OBP would plummet; calls for his retirement would become even louder; angst in the Bronx would rise even higher.

    (The Splinter’s last at bat provided a meaningless run in a meaningless game.) I’ll not be surprised if Jeter’s last AB results in a GWRBI, probably in a big game. Although a game ending DP on a September 30 day that finds the Yanks out of the playoff picture might be just as apropos. Either way, I humbly suggest you appreciate and celebrate what he has brought to the club.

    As for me, I’ll continue to preach to my charges that line drives and ground balls are the preferred result of a good effort at the plate.

  3. Hilary Barta wrote,


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