Detroit Tigers 2012

by Bradley A. Peraino

Miggy won the Triple Crown; MVP is no debate.
Prince has also put up big while standing at the plate.
J.V. ‘s up for the Cy Young, his second in two years.
Max has been unhittable, and leaves the field to cheers.

Jackson ran the center field, he never left his feet.
Berry couldn’t be thrown out, he just has too much heat.
Avila caught the balls and strikes, with a little help from Laird.
Peralta and Infante: a decent middle once they’re paired.

Valverde heads the bullpen, with Dotel, Benoit and Coke.
When Alburquerque gets brought in, he’s always throwing smoke.
Dirks has come through in the clutch; he’s this year’s big surprise.
The ball has looked a little big in Delmon’s DH eyes.

The team was led by Leyland, the boss, the chief, the skip.
He guided them through every game, McClendon on his hip.
This awesome baseball season has been brought to us by God,
And almost every play I watched this year was called by Mario and Rod.

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Detroit Tigers 2012: 2 Comments

  1. Todd Herges wrote,

    Well done!

  2. stu wrote,

    Yeah, this drips with love for the team and the game. Four stars!

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