Detroit vs. Texas Finale

by Hilary Barta

The third was both end and beginning,
It determined the losing and winning
.     For the Tigers, the plane
.     To the Rangers, champagne
All it took was one Texas-sized inning.

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Detroit vs. Texas Finale: 7 Comments

  1. Alan Rudy wrote,

    too bad ginger ale doesn’t rhyme with plane, eh… 😉

  2. Anonymous wrote,

    For the Rangers, champagne
    For the Tigers, real pain

  3. Hilary Barta wrote,

    Is that what they drink instead of the real bubbly?
    One team hit the trail
    and one sprayed ginger ale

  4. Ember Nickel wrote,

    The power of one Nelson Cruz
    Had Texas fans singing the blues.
    Mr. …LCS,
    We could call him, I guess,
    Helped ensure the Rangers would lose.

  5. James Finn Garner wrote,

    The Editor asks: Ember, you mean Tigers, right?

  6. George Bowering wrote,

    Although my poor Bosox are dead
    My colour for birdies is red
    Some state with one star
    Ain’t going so far
    If only that Cruz stays in bed.

  7. Stephen Jones wrote,

    A thought:

    The third both an end and beginning
    And determined losing and winning

    . For the Tigers the plane
    . For the Rangers champagne

    All it took was one Texas-size inning

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