Don Zimmer, RIP

by James Finn Garner

Old Zim
When I think of him
Looks like chaw and tar
And a grand har-har
To those squares
Who don’t care
About baseball
And giving your all
For what you love.
And when push comes to shove,
Had Martinez been 70,
Zim would’ve pounded him plenty.

You’re our kind of guy.
Goodbye, Popeye.


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Don Zimmer, RIP: 1 Comment

  1. Anonymous wrote,

    Poet Elliot Kolker eulogized Zim in rhyming couplets:

    Zimmer’s gone, face the facts,
    Just Lasorada, Koufax,
    From his Brooklyn days left, so it seems
    Like many of Don’s chums
    From World Champion Bums
    He’s now playing on the “Field of Dreams.”

    Farewell, Boy of Summer,
    Your loss is a bummer,
    For all fans of the game, far and wide.
    Chi fans still get jiggley
    ’bout that game in Wrigley
    When Will Clark’s grannie made Cubbies cry.

    Bill Lee oft got verbal
    Speaking of the Gerbil
    And the metal plate glued in his head
    Don went apoplectic
    When the unexpected
    Bucky Dent left his Red Sox for dead.

    Do not forget Pedro
    Squeezed Gerbil like Play-dough
    When Zim was the Yankee’s bench caddy,
    Zim said he was okay,
    “Just the heat of the play,”
    While Pedro said, “Zim is my Daddy.”

    So Farewell, Don Zimmer,
    The game has grown dimmer
    Without you, who’ll provide comedy?
    Now that you’re gone you’ll go
    To sit next to Kendo
    In the bleachers for eternity.

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