Don’t Spare the A-Rod

by Hilary Barta

His homers amassed near the best
At doping he’s passed ev’ry test
.      But the bum took a boost
.      As it’s come home to roost
A-Hole has the brass to contest.


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Don’t Spare the A-Rod: 6 Comments

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    I think, at this point what’s contested will be NOT doping but the penalty itself. The argument at arbitration would include: 211 games is too harsh – it appears to be either a vendetta or an “example” to others – and, legally, the ruling (within the CBA and within the context of MLB/Selig) includes unstated-but-existing prejudice due to prior (and already dealt with) possible infractions.

  2. stu wrote,

    The penalty is outside the realm of anything agreed on in the Joint Agreement between players and management and seems totally arbitrary. It can’t stand up in court. I have said all along and will say it again: if you want to hang anyone, hang the commissioner who allowed this stuff and now wants to be the crusader who cleans it up. He’s the real A-Hole.

    Not that this wasn’t a funny limerick!

  3. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Limerick or no . . . it is sadly true.

    I expect, after arbitration, the time will go down to Braun-like numbers (maybe some more, if A-Rod’s collusion stands up – given possible written evidence).

    Selig is still the car salesman
    despite his posture and position.
    He won’t stand back unbiased –
    he’s slicker than a tire tread.

  4. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Glad to see us conversing in verse (also like “unbias-ed”). How much more civil would Congress be if they took their time to answer in meter and rhyme?

    Oh, wait, it just got me too. argggghhh….

  5. Stephen Jones wrote,

    A limerick . . . Oh no!
    It just bit me on the toe.

    No, wait . . . that was Congress
    Consumed with self-continuance.
    It’s “civility” equals recess
    From the needs of the populace.

    If it did use more decorum
    We’d all benefit from its forum.

  6. Hilary Barta wrote,

    Stuart– I agree that this is all about MLB and Selig. The players play and enhance in the world they are given. That said, those players don’t share my own old fashioned standards.

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