Equal Time for Colorado

by James Finn Garner

Colorado’s owed a poem–
It’s years since we have posted one
About the Rocky Mountain State
And everything that makes it great.
The skiing hills, the hiking trails,
Big-time marijuana sales,
The healthy folks, the energy green.
I’m also told they’ve a baseball team.



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Equal Time for Colorado: 3 Comments

  1. Stu Shea wrote,

    Ha!! This is very good!!!

  2. Anonymous wrote,

    Rockies score lots of runs in Coors

  3. The Village Elliott wrote,

    Trip to Lourdes
    The Village Elliott: 9/15

    Slumping visitors often leave healed,
    Like from Lourdes, when they visit Coors Field;
    But for Coors humidor,
    They could heal even more,
    Cured by number of runs Rockies yield.

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