Ernie Harwell

by James Finn Garner


Now the Tigers’ voice has been quieted.
He saw teams that won, and fans that rioted.
He saw a man play in the bigs after jail.
He saw a boy pitching tell his baseball a tale.
He saw a flawed man win 31 games,
The careers of good men go up in flames.
He watched a beloved ballpark decay
And the City of Wheels fall by the way.
Yet he knew in the end it was only a game.
God’s plan ignores things like money and fame.
A bat’s just a branch, a mitt is just leather.
Baseball’s true worth is bringing people together.

Some night, when a hit curves decidedly foul,
We’ll hear a faint voice with a sweet Georgia drawl,
Say, chuckling with fathomless love for it all,
“A man from Paradise just caught that ball.”


Posted 5/5/2010

Our greatest endorsement

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Ernie Harwell: 7 Comments

  1. Brither Patrick wrote,

    I remember we always used to joke that he knew where everyone at the baseball game was from and what seat they were sitting in!

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    What? You mean…don’t tell me he didn’t! I figured he had a big chart on the table for every seat in the park!

    Another Childhood notion destroyed!

  3. Pete Tig wrote,

    Very well done, Jim, and what a pleasure to read it on “Calvin Matters.”

  4. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Great! Wonderful!

  5. gruley wrote,

    Loooonnnnnnnng gone. The strapping Mr. Garnter hit that one a mile …

  6. Stu wrote,

    Indeed, Jim. This is one of your best ever.

  7. The Daily Fungo by Mike McClary :: Detroit Tigers Baseball: Yesterday and Today wrote,

    […] I posted this on Twitter last week but it’s worth mentioning again: James Finn Garner crafted a nice poem on Ernie Harwell at As usual, it’s great. Check it out here. […]

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