“Fear Strikes Out” Strikes Out

by Hilary Barta

To the wall, back he goes, with a twirl
Grabs the ball, strikes a pose, then the hurl
.     Though the term’s not “correct”
.     I’ll be firm and direct:
I’m appalled Perkins “throws like a girl”

Hilary Barta shares his obsessions of old movies and comics at his daily limerick site, LimerWrecks.

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“Fear Strikes Out” Strikes Out: 3 Comments

  1. norm knott wrote,

    From Perkins to Bendix to Cooper
    Their athletic prowess ain’t super
    The three sure can act
    but scenes with a bat
    belong on a reel titled “Blooper”

  2. Hilary Barta wrote,


  3. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    nice! Tim Robbins and Michael O’Keefe have also earned some grief.

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