Game 1 – The World Series

by Stephen Jones

The KC Royals got drubbed at home.
Seems the umpire wouldn’t give’em a bone.
Strikes became balls or, as they say,
A quarter of the plate was taken away.
Game 1 of the Series is now history,
But that’s what they’re arguing in KC.


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Game 1 – The World Series: 1 Comment

  1. Jay Kenny wrote,

    I don’t think the ump changed the strike zone to accommodate either team. As I type this, it appears that the Royals are about to even up the Series since they now hold a 7-2 lead going into the bottom of the 7th inning. Last night, it was the Giants who had the better pitching with Bumgarner in control and giving the bullpen a rest. Tonight, the Giants bullpen fell apart and the Royals had a BIG 6th inning. Ventura, the starter for the Royals tonight outpitched Peavy, but left with the game tied, so No Decision for Ventura, but probably a win for KC. Of course, the Giants get two more turns at bat down 5 runs unless KC tacks on some more, of course.

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