Game Over for Milton Bradley

by James Finn Garner


Milton Bradley got into Trouble
Caught in the Wrigley Field bubble.

A Payday enormous
For such poor performance.

Now his Career’s nothing but rubble.
Sorry, Milt, that Chicago’s blunt fans
Made it seem less than a Candyland.

That’s the Risk that you take
Living Life by the lake.

It’s like permanent Ants in the Pants.
Is the Aggravation because you are black?
Balderdash, Milty, You Don’t Know Jack.

We all had a Clue
This is what you would do.

Last Word:  Your Cranium‘s cracked.

Posted 9/21/2009

Published in Chicago Cubs, Chicago Cubs, James Finn Garner, Limerick, Players | Link to this poem | 2 Comments

Game Over for Milton Bradley: 2 Comments

  1. JDR wrote,

    Maybe Bradley is out because he’s suffering from baseball ennui. Yes, he’s game-bored.

    I have heard that the Cubs are considering acquiring Charles and George Parker. They’re brothers, of course.

    OK, I’m done.

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Thank you, thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Try the veal

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