Goodnight and Good Luck

By Stuart Shea

It’s the last day of the season,
The end of the road for 22 teams.
And the last day in the majors for a lot of guys…
we just don’t know who, yet.

Many big-league careers will end today.
The 24-year-old prospect who’ll tear up a knee in winter ball,
The 30-year-old marginal regular who’ll go to Japan to cash in,
The 33-year-old situational reliever who can’t get anyone out,
The 36-year-old backup catcher who’ll get cut next spring and retire.

Let’s tip our hat to the as-yet unknown who will exeunt omnes,
Because baseball is about them just as much
as it is about Manny and Dice-K and Greinke and C.C.


Posted 10/6/2009

Published in Free Verse, Players, Stu Shea, The Game Itself | Link to this poem | 2 Comments

Goodnight and Good Luck: 2 Comments

  1. Weekend Reading: Mays, the Babe and a Botch | pitchers & poets wrote,

    […] Stuart Shea offers a poem to the soon-to-move-on. Bardball […]

  2. Stretch wrote,

    Wonderful tribute! It’s rare that anyone takes time to give these guys a second thought. As one with a brother who may have recently thrown his last ML pitch, fittingly at Chavez Ravine after 9+ years in the bigs, I appreciate your respectful, somewhat forlorn effort. You really caught this one on the sweet spot.

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