Halladay – Lee

by Cormican

In the euphoria of the NLCS, this Phillies fan contemplated a pitching duel for the ages and channeled the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe for this poem.  Alas, the matchup wasn’t meant to be, which adds the appropriate amount of heartbreak to this homage to Poe.

It was many and many a month ago
.   In a ballpark in NYC
That an Ace there pitched so nonchalant
.   That caught pop-ups non-chalantly

He was an ace and Doc was an Ace
.  at this ballpark in South Philly
Dare we dream of a game that is more than a game
.  One with Halladay – Lee
With an arm that the horned demons in Bronx
.  Coveted Clifton P. Lee

And this was the reason that, months ago
.  In this ballpark in South Philly
A smug came out, refurbished the farm
.  by trading our Clifton P. Lee
So that our deep pocket neighbors can
.  can sign him from SEA
To set him up with Sabbathia
.  In their kingdom in NYC

The Rangers, not half as blessed with pitching
.  Went trading with SEA for Lee
Yes, this was the season (as old men know,
.  for the team that was once from DC)
That the Doc came out of a cold north town
.  Starting and stopping their Clifton P. Lee

But their team it was far stronger than the teams
.  Of those with Chocolate Chili
.  Of those with Jerry Garci…
And neither the Angels in Los Angeles/Anaheim
.  Or the demons in Bronx, NYC
Can ever dissever Game one from Game one
.  ‘gainst Rangers,’gainst Yankees

For when a game starts, the players start winning my heart
.  Especially Halladay – Lee
Other stars will rise, but none, in my eyes
.  match the aces that this night I see
And so as the sun died, I sat down on my hide
With my Yuengling – my Riesling – my team and my bride
.  See the stadium in South Philly
.  In the glory of Halladay – Lee.

Found on the Phillies blog, The Good Phight.

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