Home Run Crazy . . . But Wary (as of Easter Sunday)

by Stephen Jones

35 home runs so far this year
At home plate the Yankees on a tear

But a cautionary admonition does exist

During the regular season one may
By thunderous bat live or die
But it is by pitching with good reason
That teams win in post-season

So while the Yankees knock on history’s
Door — home runs grand slams RBIs —
They also know in cycles a live bat
Can cool when other teams get hot

They know it’s with pitching they must persist

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Home Run Crazy . . . But Wary (as of Easter Sunday): 6 Comments

  1. Stretch wrote,

    Flashback one decade …

    Easter Sunday 2001: After Todd Hollandsworth hit three home runs and contributed 7 RBI, including a game-winning, three-run clout in the 10th inning of a 10-7 victory over Arizona on Sunday, Colorado Rockies manager Buddy Bell said: “Without him, we wouldn’t have won it.”

    22 games later, on May 11th, he appeared in his last game of the season. Right leg freakishly broken by a fouled pitch, his season was over.

    The Rockies last led the NL West on April 26th that year. They went on to finish in the cellar, with a record of 73-89. It was pitching that got them there, Shawn Chacon playing the role of Joba Chamberlain.

    Just sayin …

  2. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Hey/Hi Stretch –

    Thanks for the true response.

    I hear and feel the pain. Ouch! Ugghh! Pitching is everything. You’ve nailed that.

    Whatever . . . your response is great/special to me. I write from the heart, not from the “nose bleed” sections – ‘tho I’ve been there often. (If I have offended, I am sorry.)

    But . . . let’s keep http://www.bardball.com going! A valuable source, not to be misspent.

  3. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Just another thought . . .

    Joba Chamberlain . . . scary

    his presence “chaos” early

    for any opposition but now

    “tame” by rules & rotation.

  4. Tony Medeiros wrote,

    With 62 games or more,I guess you’ll be writing more.


  5. Judy Davila wrote,

    Well, I guess we’ll see what the future will hold. Fine poem!

  6. Marilyn wrote,

    I enjoyed your poem and agree with the thoughts. More to come, I hope!

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