Joba: The Poem

by Hart Seely

President Lincoln, skip that show!
Amelia Earhart, please don’t go!
Dillinger, don’t trust that vamp!
Joba, please . . . avoid that tramp.

JFK, don’t take that ride!
Dr. King, sir, stay inside!
Julius Caesar, ditch that crown!
Joba, jump . . . just don’t come down.

Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
America, free beer for all!
Mariano, please don’t go!
Joba . . . say it isn’t so.

Hart Seely’s new book, The Juju Rules: Or How to Win Ballgames from Your Couch, is now in bookstores.  He also runs the essential Yankee blog, It Is High, It Is Far, It Is . . . caught.

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Joba: The Poem: 3 Comments

  1. el duque wrote,

    Whaddaya mean, “One of a kind?”

    There’s a whole army of Yankee fans just like me.


    Hart Seely

  2. Hilary Barta wrote,


  3. Stephen Jones wrote,

    August already? . . . My, my
    I must check my own calendar

    & the docket of moral sniping
    . . . & then regard

    the ready commentary
    of “nose bleed” observation

    . . . and in April?

    In short

    who cares right now aside
    from tabloid pot-stirring
    & bleachers news-thirsty

    Baseball & Life (sigh)
    are conundrums
    & they intermix often
    sparked maybe without clarity

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