Johnny Rosenblatt

by Todd Herges

An ode to shuttered baseball parks.  For info on Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, please check the comments thread below.

And here’s to you, Boston’s Fenway Park,
Jesus loves you more than you will know — wo, wo, wo.
God bless you please, windy Wrigley Field,
Heaven holds a place for those who pray.
Hey, you’re all that remain.

We’d like to know a little bit about old stadia,
We’d like to help you keep some memories.
Look around you, all you see are old angelic eyes.
Strolling hallowed grounds of New York’s Polo Grounds.

And here’s to you, Jackie Robinson,
Ebbets Field saw fans who open grew — woo, woo, woo.
God bless you please, Jackie Robinson,
Brooklyn holds a place for those who played
Hey, hey, hey … hey, hey, hey.

Now so many places live where no one ever goes:
Shea, the Vet, Three Rivers and Candlestick.
It’s no shock Olympic Stadium’s no longer used.
Bigger surprise the House Ruth Built is gone now.

Coo, coo, ca-choo, all old stadia
We remember more than you will know — wo, wo, wo.
God bless you please, Houston Astrodome,
We remember Bad News Bears’ clutch play
Hey, hey, hey … hey, hey, hey.

Sitting in the bleachers on a Sunday afternoon,
Going to a big late-season day game.
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you’ve got to choose
Ev’ry way you look at it, you lose.

Where have you gone N. C. Double A
A nation turns its hungry eyes to you — woo, woo, woo.
What’s that you say, President Myles Brand?
Rosenblatt has left and gone away!
Hey, hey, hey … hey, hey, hey.

Posted 9/7/10

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Johnny Rosenblatt: 1 Comment

  1. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Timeline for Events in the poem

    5/17/42 – Future Indiana University and NCAA president Myles Brand born in Brooklyn

    4/15/47 – Jackie Robinson breaks color barrier, starts first game of season in Brooklyn

    1947 – Omaha Municipal Stadium opens

    1948 – Stadium becomes home to Omaha Cardinals team (class A)

    1950 – Stadium hosts its first College World Series

    1955 – Stadium becomes home to class AAA baseball team

    1964 – Stadium renamed to honor former Omaha mayor Johnny Rosenblatt, who was instrumental in bringing professional baseball as well as the College World Series to Omaha.

    4/30/09 – Myles Brand approves memorandum of understanding, which requires a new stadium to be built in downtown Omaha

    9/16/09 – Myles Brand dies (pancreatic cancer)

    6/29/10 – Final College World Series game played at Rosenblatt

    9/2/10 – Final (class AAA) baseball game played at Rosenblatt

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