Jose Valverde

By James Finn Garner

Like a monkey on a hurdy-gurdy
Jumps Papa Grande Valverde

As jumbled as a keyboard QWERTY
He gets batters to watch the birdie,
Then with control most absurd, he
Blows it by them, nice and purty.

His yellow glasses somewhat nerdy
Don’t match a gut profound and sturdy.
In interviews he’s somewhat wordy
(Though certainly no Krishnamurti)

Will his total saves reach twice 30?
Will the Motown squad get down and dirty?
With fickle hist’ry flirts he,
Our fireman Jose Valverde.

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Jose Valverde: 3 Comments

  1. Cary Donhamc wrote,

    outstandingly clever

  2. Todd wrote,

    Damn if Valverde isn’t great fun to watch. Athletically contortfully balletic. I doubt even Baryshnikov could stay on his feet when trying some of the moves that Jose pulls off in the delivery of certain big pitches.

    Jim, your poem captures his essence brilliantly.

  3. Hilary Barta wrote,

    I hope you didn’t jinx him. Shoulda coulda woulda pitched to Beltre.

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