Ken Griffey, Jr., All-Star Starter

by William Barrett

Congrats to the NL’s starting right fielder: Ken Griffey, Jr.
He’s no longer scaling fences in Seattle with Sweet Lou and Jay Buhner,
And injury after injury shot down hopes of an 800-home run career,
But revive his youth and energy, this Cincinnati slugger has done this year.
This Red needs no juice;
For his sweet swing seems so pure and loose.
While Bonds climbs the all-time home run ladder,
The Kid’s humble march towards 600 makes a jealous and angry Barry less of a matter.
With the All-Star Game very near,
The fans favor Griffey it would certainly appear.
As the National League’s cleanup batter and number one vote-getter,
It could be argued that nobody did it better.
For even McGwire, Bonds and Sosa cannot say
They were clean like Junior; he did it the right way.

Posted 7/17/07, a week after the All-Star Game 

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